CDS Stables Leasing and Show Programs


Country Day’s leasing programs allow students to experience the joys of horse ownership. Students are able to build a bond with the leased horse through lessons, showing and increased time with the horse both in the saddle and on the ground. Leasing opportunities are limited.


Lease Fee: $600 per month

Included in the lease fee:

  • Two group lessons per week (either PE or after school)

  • One scheduled, supervised ride per week, giving the student more time bonding with the horse as they practice what they have learned in their weekly lessons.

  • Guarantees the student rides the leased horse at all lessons.

  • Gives the student the opportunity to show the leased horse.


Please Note:

  • Two students showing in different divisions may lease the same horse.
  • Unused lessons cannot be rolled over to the next month. However, in the event of illness or travel, lessons can be rescheduled for different weeks within the same month lease period.
  • Lease fees are due by the 1st of each month.
  • If the student wishes to take more than two lessons a week, additional lessons may be purchased a la carte or in a traditional 8 pack.

Speak with Mrs. Abby Martes to learn more about leasing or showing opportunities!